Conference 2010


DevNet 2010: Making Development Sustainable: Connections, Learning, Commitment

1-3 December 2010 | Massey University | Palmerston North


DevNet 2010 was based on the need for sustainable development. Keynote Mason Durrie captured the audience's attention with a discussion of indigenous development, focusing largely upon positive Maori experiences in Aotearoa New Zealand; Marilyn Waring spoke about gender and sustainable development; Meg Taylor discussed her role as Vice President of the Compliance Adviser Ombudsman with the World Bank; John Connell addressed urban development in the Pacific; Allen Foster spoke of inclusive development including disability. These fantastic keynote addresees, along with many other interesting talks, made the conference a worthwhile experience.  

Themes throughout the conference included the changing nature of NZ's aid programme, Aid Effectiveness and disaster recovery, to education, livelihoods and a workshop on Asset Based Community Development.

Thank you to all those who attended, and special thanks the organisers, keynote speakers and volunteers.

Conference handbook

Keynote address video recordings

Sir Mason Durie
Marilyn Waring
Meg Taylor
John Connell
Allen Foster
Unfortunately,  Allen Foster's video presentation is unavailable, however his slides are here.
Photos from left: Massey's Gerard Prinsen takes the floor; volunteers Joy and Ed; some delegates enjoying the social occasions; keynote Marilyn Waring in action; panelists MP Phil Twyford and Prof John Overton discuss NZ's changing aid policy.
Check the DevNet 2010 Conference Flickr album for more photos.

Conference papers

If you presented at the conference, please send you paper to:
ABCD presentation_ Jennings, Shona and Radebe, Duduzile.pdf4.12 MB
Aid and Development Network LAUNCH.pdf154.45 KB
Ali, Murad. USAID, the Paris Declaration and Pakistan.pdf7.31 MB
Averill, Kate. Using results frameworks.pdf503.03 KB
Batten, Leslie. Negotiating challenges in targeted health promotion.pdf1.28 MB
Berma, Sulehan & Shahadan. White Gold.pdf2.54 MB
Bevan , Marianne. Hand in hand together.pdf1.03 MB
Borovnik, Maria. Seafarers and Piracy.pdf1.3 MB
Brace and James. Retrospective reflections from a community to community school building project.pdf5 MB
Broadbent, Adele. Power, Media and Development.pdf474 KB
Bulloch, Hannah. Understanding Local Notions of Development.pdf311.9 KB
Cameron, Ed. RSE Scheme.pdf1.22 MB
Cheema, Abdur Rehman. Role of the mosque in disaster risk governance.pdf1.41 MB
Christ, Karly. Rapa Nui women, land, and the struggle for sovereignty.pdf345.82 KB
Cochrane , Lynette. A student’s perspective of development policy formulation.pdf440.76 KB
Connell, John. Pacific Urbanisation - The Future is Urban ...pdf3.04 MB
Cronin & Bonte-Grapentin. Disasters are never invited.pdf3.46 MB
Daly, Michele. Samoa coastal infrastructure management plans.pdf1.26 MB
Dogimab & Stewart-Withers. Using the power of sport to address HIV.pdf268.42 KB
Donald, Simon. Mobile Phones Mitigating Vulnerability to Natural Disasters.pdf799.46 KB
Duckworth, Sally. Integrating M & E into Programme Design Devnet presentation.pdf1.68 MB
Durie, Mason. Maori development in the post-settlement era.pdf2.93 MB
Evans, Monica. Fatherhood in Valparaiso.pdf1.6 MB
Farrelly, Trisia. Indigenous community-based ecotourism as Indigenous Social Entrepreneurship (ISE).pdf150.67 KB
Ford, Kristine. Maternal mortality in the Solomon Islands.pdf668.26 KB
Foster, Alana. Men-Streaming Peace.pdf824.76 KB
Foster, Allen. KEYNOTE Inclusive Development.pdf1.31 MB
Geary, Mattie Nichol. Indigenous Concepts Lost in Translation.pdf59.91 KB
Gegeo, David. Globalization and the challenges of sustaining development.pdf1.06 MB
Gegeo, David. Indigenous Dev- Confluence of ancient and modern wisdoms.pdf446.09 KB
Gilbert, Marni. (Re)emerging peasantries.pdf1.42 MB
Green, Wren. Progress Towards Development Effectiveness.pdf364.69 KB
Hanks, Morgan. Sanctions, aid and sanctioning development.pdf655.89 KB
Harman, Andrea. Education, an Enabling Right.pdf1.58 MB
Hasan, Kamrul. Knowledge Power and Health Care.pdf163.51 KB
Henderson, Chris. The Limitations of Locating Education for Sustainable Development.pdf1.34 MB
Horita, Akiko. Cambodia and Aid Effectiveness from an Agriculture and Education Perspective.pdf93.45 KB
Joskin, Anna - Challenges of Implementing a Sustainable Secondary School Reform Curriculum.pdf401.84 KB
Johnston, Andrew. Developing Relationships.pdf280.83 KB
Johnston etal. Exploring the elements of an effective recovery process.pdf3.76 MB
Kelly, Susanna. Capacity Building.pdf693.42 KB
Kelly, Susanna. Engaging with anthropology.pdf134.24 KB
Kemp, Justin. Military involvement in international disaster response.pdf2.23 MB
Kerese, Manueli. ICT for Sustainable Development.pdf1.93 MB
Khan, Nasir. Freedom Amidst Natural Disasters.pdf454.61 KB
Khanal, Martin and Wilson. Information structure of vegetable supply chains.pdf2.54 MB
Khanal, Martin and Wilson. PAPER. Information structure of vegetable supply chains.pdf448.95 KB
Khanom, Naiyer Fathema. Women Entrepreneurship Development in Bangladesh.pdf1.17 MB
Kiddle, Luke. Informal Settlers, Perceived Security of Tenure and Housing Consolidation.pdf1.09 MB
Lacey, Anita. Aid, trade and security.pdf352.6 KB
Mackintosh, Hannah. Human rights- another tool in the kete.pdf705.91 KB
Marino, Eugenia. Culture and ICT for Health.pdf1.95 MB
Marlow, Emma. Addressing masculities.pdf889.6 KB
Martin & Tuileapa. Poverty in rural Samoa.pdf342.74 KB
McGregor, Overton and Challies. NZAID presentation.pdf925.39 KB
Mitchell, Lucy-Educational aid in the Pacific.pdf1.81 MB
Mohamed, Nizar. Learning from Cyclone Nargis.pdf3.27 MB
Muhammad, Imran. Transport Governance in Pakistani Cities.pdf6.64 MB
Mwaraksurmus, Amton - Mathematical certainties.pdf320.64 KB
Nguyen, Huong Lan. Confucianism and growth policies in East Asia.pdf187.53 KB
Palomino-Schalscha, Marcela. Indigenous peoples, Development and Tourism.pdf3.12 MB
Powae, Martin and Dries. Fair Trade Coffee Chains in PNG.pdf393.54 KB
Powae, Martin and Dries. PAPER Fair Trade Coffee Chains in PNG.pdf351.23 KB
Prinsen & Overton. Sim Games.pdf1.16 MB
Radhakrishnan, Priyanca. Unholy Matrimony.pdf293.61 KB
Rahshid, Tahmina. Making Poverty History.pdf467.54 KB
Rees, Aaron. Somali piracy.pdf1.89 MB
Riach, Michael. Enterprise Development.pdf6.15 MB
Roberts, Karl. Self-identity and transition for Samoan secondary school students.pdf1.25 MB
Rushton, Renee. Exploring community economies.pdf480.73 KB
Russell, Matt. Bourdeiu & Tourism.pdf300.88 KB
ScallyIrvine & Sos. Reflecting on the Social Context of Development.pdf977.91 KB
Scheyvens, Regina. Tourism Disasters Thailand.pdf3.3 MB
Schischka , John. The Capability Approach and Fair Trade.pdf2.65 MB
Schulenkorf, Nico. Sport for Development in Divided Societies.pdf1.11 MB
Shah & Reyes. It Takes Two to Tango.pdf973.41 KB
Shahadan, Berma & Sulehan. Orang Asli Nascent Entrepreneurs in Malaysia.pdf2.5 MB
Simpson, Ced. Development Effectiveness.pdf1.66 MB
Skeaff, Laura. Preparing for social action.pdf3.2 MB
Smart, Jessie. Economic Change and Urban Agriculture.pdf658.62 KB
Smith, Acacia. The changing realities of urban agriculture in Suva, Fiji.pdf232.39 KB
Smith, Hilary references.pdf24.4 KB
Smith, Mike. Changing Aid Environment Panel Presentation.pdf1.55 MB
Swain & Broadbent. VSA’s role in promoting education leadership.pdf1.12 MB
Swain & Ulu - Rethinking Tokelau education.pdf1.09 MB
Tantingco, Hilda. Social entrepreneurship in the Philippines.pdf993.6 KB
Thomas, Pamela. Community fragmentation and unsustainable health development.pdf2.8 MB
Tuileapa and Martin. PAPER Poverty in Rural Samoa.pdf350.27 KB
Wellmann, Gwendolyn. Military Offsets and Development.pdf139.54 KB
Williams, Peter. Agribusiness Expansion and Labour in Chile.pdf1.96 MB
Wrighton, Nicki. Power, Participation and Development.pdf181.7 KB