Terms and Conditions

1. Users may not post fraudulent or misleading work opportunities or websites to DevNet databases

2. Users may not post websites that promote discrimination or human rights abuses

3. Users may not send unwanted emails to DevNet staff or any DevNet users

4. Users may not attempt to access personal information about any other DevNet user

5. Users posting opportunities agree that all posted information published on DevNet’s website can be sent out in DevNet updates

6. All personal information provided by users about themselves is accurate

7. Any breach by users of the above conditions will result in users being barred from registration

8. DevNet will take all reasonable measures to avoid publishing fraudulent, misleading, discriminatory, abusive, or violating opportunities and websites

9. DevNet takes no responsibility for the content of websites and opportunities published on its website

10. DevNet has final right to accept or reject postings on its website.