DevNet 2018 Posted on: August

Denise Arnold, Massey University

Graduate Denise Arnold, New Zealand Qualification Master of International Development, Massey University Learnings The programme was inspiring and at the same time cautionary. We need to be mindful of the impact of our actions and decisions, and we also need to challenge our assumptions. It is easy to think we are doing something good when in fact we are causing [...]
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Vilayvanh Phonepraseuth, Massey University

Graduate Vilayvanh Phonepraseuth, Lao PDR Qualification Master of International Development, Massey University Learnings Studying in New Zealand was an amazing experience. The staff were really friendly and approachable, and I studied with a great cohort of students from all over the world. My interactions with everyone broadened my understanding about development and the differences between the issues in Asia and [...]
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Jared Berends, Lincoln University

Graduate Jared Berends, New Zealand Qualification Masters in Applied Science (International Rural Development) at Lincoln University Learnings My development career started in rural Mongolia, where I spent three years living in small, rural towns teaching English, working alongside local NGOs and Faith-Based Organizations, and implementing small-scale community development initiatives. This caused reflection on my own life, the privileges and blessings [...]
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