Akisi Nailaba Ravono, Massey University

Akisi’s Research Topic: “Patients and nurses’ vision for the care of people living with diabetes and associated conditions in Fiji: an iTaukei (indigenous) community context”

“I am overwhelmed by the findings from my participants’ stories about a topic that concerns a third of the adult population in Fiji. My experiences as a health care professional has risen to another level through my research on understanding patients and nurses’ description of the ideal care they want to be delivered for a patient that has diabetes and associated conditions. The iTaukei culture of silence lands a big load of responsibility to the medical person whose judgement is critical in determining patients’ wellbeing, in particular when they (patients) try to fit back into the community after accessing healthcare services. All in one, there is a need for a compassionate and understanding nature of care. These two powerful words appeared in every focus group discussion and interview I conducted and will be used in my thesis as key themes of discussions.”

Akisi Nailaba Ravono – PhD Candidate
September, 2019

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Ruby McGruddy, Massey University

Ruby’s Research Topic: “Natural disasters, mental health and service responses: A case study of the 2009 Samoan tsunami”

“Fieldwork in Samoa really helped me to better understand the local context, both culturally and geographically. Seeing the landscape of Aleipata, the region worst affected by the 2009 tsunami, was eye-opening. Nothing you read can compare to standing on the coast with the hills behind you and imagining the sheer terror that must have overcome the people of this region when the tsunami hit. However, faith and strong familial and communal ties provide an invaluable source of resilience. Coming together, sharing stories and finding humour in even the worst situations are just some of the ways that the Samoan people supported psycho-social wellbeing in the wake of a disaster”.

Ruby McGruddy, Master of International Development
September 2019

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