Devnet 2016

‘Pacific Currents, Global Tides’

5 – 7 December 2016, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand

In December, 2016, Victoria University hosted the DevNet 2016 Conference. The theme, ‘Pacific Currents, Global Tides’, reflects a desire to focus both on the ways in which global trends in development theory, policy and practice flow through to the wider pacific region and also on how current thinking and practice within the region can contribute to and challenge such global tides.

The conference will have a strong emphasis on the Pacific region and involvement of practitioners and community development workers. We encourage groups to participate in sessions in a variety of formats to open discussion, interaction and networking. Workshops, panels, ‘unconference’ formats as well as research-based presentations are all welcome.

See conference handbook.

Selected conference presentations and papers

Monday 5 December Abstracts Final.pdf
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Tuesday 6 December Abstracts Final.pdf
4.4 MB

Wednesday 7 December Abstracts Final.pdf
2.3 MB

Ambelye, Imelda. ‘Pawa Meri’ Contribution to Development DevNet.pdf
5.2 MB

Bell, Sharon. Health in Asia – Ethnic health system development in Shan State, Myanmar.pdf
5.9 MB

Bell, Sharon. Volunteering – Is something better than nothing_ A case study of volunteerism in a conflict-affected area.pdf
866 KB

Bidwell, Simon. Cultivating what is ours, Rural development in Peru.pdf
2.4 MB

Brass, Phill, Faith in Resettlement, Alternative Support Avenues for Syrian Refugees Settling into New Zealand.pdf
1.8 MB

Burry, Kate. Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights in Luganville, Santo, Vanuatu.pdf
328 KB

Chitondo, Mando. Exploring appropriate approaches of returning research findings to communities in Ndola, Copperbelt Province Zambia.pdf
668 KB

Cole, P & Murray, P. Relationship between access to electricity and capability and its role in the achievement of wellbeing.pdf
436 KB

Diututuraga, Emele. Agenda 2030 and the SDG Goals A global Monitoring and Reporting Framework.pdf
1.8 MB

Finau, Alo Silia Pa’usisi. Storying as a method.pdf
2.6 MB

George, Ethel & Kelly, Susana. Paradigms of Change Within Women’s Empowerment and Livelihoods Programming in Rural Vanuatu.pdf
447 KB

Hundleby, Irene. Resisting the tide Sustaining Solomon Island cultures in the face of globalisation.pdf
989 KB

Huong, Do Thi. Livelihoods Framework and water-related climate change adaptation interventions in Vietnam.pdf
718 KB

Inaz, Ahmed. Unravelling the Tourism Conflict Disaster Nexus in the Maldives.pdf
614 KB

Kiddle, Luke. Rennell – An Island of Two Halves.pdf
14.8 MB

Laeis, Gabriel. The Role of Cuisine in Investigating Tourism-Agriculture Linkages.pdf
1.2 MB

Leslie H and Prinsen G DevNet16 – Aid management for aid workers in the 2020s.pdf
797 KB

Loughlin S. New Zealand in Afghanistan DEVNET Presentation December 2016.pdf
957 KB

Low McKenzie, Iris. National Capacity & International Support – The Experience of Save the Children Fiji’s Tropical Cyclone Winston Response.pdf
1.7 MB

Mehrtens, Sam. Challenges to Primary ICT education in Papua New Guinea.pdf
401 KB

Muchtar, Adinda. Understanding the Influence of Development Interventions on Women Beneficiaries’ Perceptions of Empowerment.pdf
1.3 MB

Musuku, Honour. Programme Learnings from NZ INGOs.pdf
2.2 MB

Picciotto, Robert. The Pacific Islands, New Thinking for a New Development Era.pdf
640 KB

Poppelwell, Elisabeth. Managing the interest of Stakeholders, 2015 Samoa & 2016 Tonga country programme evaluations.pdf
792 KB

Prinsen G DevNet16 – Food safety awareness and practices in urban and rural butcheries and eateries in northern Tanzania.pdf
1.4 MB

Prinsen G DevNet16 – Rivalry between islands. Quibbling siblings or a core-periphery centrifuge.pdf
1.2 MB

Rabacal, Gladys Ann. Bottom-up budgeting Philippines.pdf
1.4 MB

Raymond, E, Chamberman, V & Daube J. Strengthening family planning uptake in South Tarawa, Kiribati.pdf
2.6 MB

Robertson, Thomas. Artisanal and small-scale gold mining as a tool for development_.pdf
965 KB

Sansom, Mike. Gender Mainstreaming Cynicism, Compliance or Transformation.pdf
704 KB

Scheyvens, Regina. Sun, sand, tourists…and development_.pdf
748 KB

Setyaningsih, E & Wuijts, Anne Presentation Surfaid_Rev3.pdf
1.9 MB

Setyaningsih, Endah Presentation Attracting and Retaining Midwives_Rev2.pdf
907 KB

Slade, Natalie – Refugees Welcome – Exploring mediated discourses of hospitality and refugee representation in New Zealand.pdf
1.3 MB

Thoma, Klaus. Electric Vehicles in Samoa_.pdf
654 KB

Vickers, Nadine. Drifting Into Debt_ Voices of the Salaried Poor in Bangladesh .pdf
1.8 MB

Wikaningtyas, Sila. The Adoption of Ethical Value Chains of an Indonesian Cinnamon Commodity.pdf
2.2 MB