Studying Development

Development Studies

Development Studies provides critical perspectives on aid and international development, with the aim of understanding how to overcome inequalities and promote social justice in our world. As an area of study it is comprehensive – incorporating land use, sustainability and environmental management with urbanisation, human development, social change, pro-poor economics, human rights and more. Development is a highly contested subject, on both theoretical and practical levels, as courses in Development Studies reveal.

You can study towards a postgraduate degree (Postgraduate Diploma, Masters, or PhD) in Development Studies at Victoria University of Wellington, Massey University, and the University of Auckland. The University of Otago teaches about development through the Department of Geography, Lincoln University has a specialist programme on International Rural Development, while the Auckland University of Technology specialises in economic, social and community development through the Institute of Public Policy. Pacific Studies, which often explores development issues, is offered at most NZ universities, among them the Te Pua Wananga ki te Ao – the School of Maori and Pacific Development at the University of Waikato and the Centre for Pacific Studies at the University of Canterbury.

Through the Steering Committee, DevNet has close relations with Development Studies (and related departments) around Aotearoa NZ universities.


Development Scholarships

The New Zealand Development Scheme offers the opportunity to people from selected developing countries to undertake development-related studies in Aotearoa New Zealand. This may include study related to education, health, rural livelihoods, governance, human rights, or economic development, depending on the human resource development training needs of the home government. New Zealand Development Scholarships are offered for full-time, tertiary level study at participating Aotearoa New Zealand education institutions. Information on New Zealand Regional Development Scholarships, Short Term Training Awards and Commonwealth Scholarships is also available:

NZ Aid Programme: Development Scholarships