DevNet 1998

Linkages in Development: Issues of Governance

20-21 February 1998 | University of Auckland | Auckland

The inaugural DevNet conference was hosted by the University of Auckland from 20-21 February 1998 and was titled ‘Linkages in Development: Issues of Governance’. The proceedings, edited by Ross Bell (ISBN 0-908689-57-8) are available via the University of Auckland and Massey University libraries.

The conference was convened by Fred Deyo, Director of Development Studies at University of Auckland, and the plenary addresses were: Professor Peter Larmour of the National Centre for Development Studies, Australian National University – “Making Sense of Good Governance”, and Alex Matheson, Special Advisor to the Commonwealth Secretariat, London.

Panel discussions tackled a range of pertinent issues including: globalisation and development; civil society and social movements, gender; emergency relief; migration; good governance, empowerment and development projects; changing role of governments under neo-liberal reforms; human rights; the practice of development education; labour and developmental restructuring; Maori and Pacific development; institution building for development; environment and resource management; participation and social assessment issues; private sector and national development; culture, ethnicity and development; social institutions, community and development.