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Craig Hooper, Otago University

Craig’s Research Topic: “Masta Liu; The Struggle for Identity of Solomon Islands Youth”

“My research addresses the construction of identity of youth in Honiara, Solomon Islands. I intended to give Solomon Islands youth an opportunity to share their experiences of living and growing up in Honiara amongst developmental challenges and social marginalisation.

I had planned to travel to Honiara in mid 2020, but like many others my plans were crushed by Covid-19. As I knew MFAT provides a fantastic scholarship program for Pacific Island students, there would likely be Solomon Islanders studying right here in New Zealand. Thankfully I was able to keep my research focus the same, and instead of traveling to Honiara for research I was able to find the diaspora community of Solomon Islanders here in New Zealand, who were all more than willing to help out. This included a week long research trip to Hamilton in October, 2020. This was a fantastic experience and reminded me of all the things I miss about living in Solomon Islands.”

Craig Hooper, Master of Arts, Geography
February, 2021

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