Regina Scheyvens

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Regina Scheyvens is Professor of Development Studies at Massey University, where she combines a passion for teaching about international development with research on tourism and sustainable development. Two major books have emerged from this research: Tourism for Development: Empowering Communities (Pearson, 2002), and Tourism and Poverty (Routledge, 2011). Regina’s interest in responsible and ethical research led her to edit Development Fieldwork: A Practical Guide (Sage, 2014).   She has also published articles on themes such as backpacker tourism, tourism in small island states, ecotourism, empowerment and sustainable tourism in a wide range of tourism and development studies journals. The South Pacific is the main focus of Regina’s research: here, her most recent research has examined a) corporate social responsibility and community development, and b) the success of alternative forms of economic development on customary land.

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