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Jane Lohrey, Massey University

Jane’s Research Topic: Exploring the effectiveness of the HPV vaccination programme in Fiji

“My research topic  was “Exploring the effectiveness of the HPV vaccination programme in Fiji”This research explored why the programme was effective, the role of health promotion in the success and learning for other countries from this programme.  I used a rights based approach, as my development theory for this research. I had planned to travel to Fiji in 2020, but like many others was unable to complete in country field research due to COVID 19. I had to adapt my research due to this but this also taught me different research skills. I had support from UNICEF Pacific that I was grateful for, and was able to complete on line field work via a ZOOM interview. I have really appreciated the support from DEVNET and MFAT for this research and it has allowed me to successfully complete my studies and research report”

Jane Lohrey, Master’s in International Development, April, 2021

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