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Neill Ballantyne, Victoria University of Wellington

Neill’s Research Topic: “Finding a Fale: a Participatory Action Research (PAR) project exploring the causes and solutions to housing insecurity for Tongan Leiti”

“Malo e lelei, greetings from Tonga where I have sat down for one-on-one interviews with ‘participants’ and have recorded their stories using a mixed-methods approach. I have, however, spent much more time building relationships, attending social gatherings, exploring, and conversing informally through the PAR (Participatory Action Research) process. Building these intentional friendships has been invaluable to the success of the data collection and ensuring the project fulfils the aims which were co-designed with the co-researchers: The Tongan Leiti Association (see photo from co-design session)These friendships and connections through the community have built trust and led to the ‘participants’ sharing stories and reflections with me that they have never told friends or family. They were stories of violence, discrimination, bullying and isolation. They were stories of resilience, success, hope and overcoming great challenges.”

Neill Ballantyne, Master of International Development
November, 2019

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