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Randel Esnard, Lincoln University

Image shows researcher with participants in Myeik in June 2019
Randel with research participants in Myeik in June 2019. Randel and his in-country research assistant are in the back row, third and second from the left.

Randel’s Research Topic: “Strengthening the capacity of producer groups to participate in agri-food chains in Myiek and Palaw districts of Myanmar through action research”

“Conducting fieldwork is one of the most fascinating aspects of action research. This is where the researcher gets the opportunity to interact directly with research participants to collectively identify actions to bring about meaningful change that benefit them. This collaborative element typically requires interpersonal relationships with the participants. Thankfully, these relationships were already developed before the Covid-19 Pandemic halted international travel restrictions. My prior experience in the field and pre-existing rapport with the research participants made it feasible to continue the field research remotely through an in-country research assistant, who also had prior work experience in the target areas.

I am very appreciative of the support from the TRRILD Project staff, the in-country research assistant, and all the participants for making this Field Research Award a success despite the challenges of the Pandemic.”

Randel Esnard, PhD Agribusiness and International Rural Development, February 2021

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