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Bridget Payne, Victoria University of Wellington

Bridget’s Research Topic: ” How do communities exercise agency in forest carbon? A case study of the Loru project in Vanuatu”

“The highlight of my fieldwork was the time spent living in Khole village – home to the traditional landowners of the Loru forest carbon project. I worked closely with the project’s partner, Live & Learn Vanuatu, and surveyed over 40 community members to monitor the project’s social impact. I spent my days storian (yarning) with the community, bushwalking through the conservation area, and drinking countless fresh coconuts! I planted several young trees which will generate carbon offset credits and ultimately fund community infrastructure. It was humbling to feel so welcomed and live alongside the community I have been studying from my desk in Wellington all year – waking up to roosters and frequent earthquakes, enjoying local produce and attending community events such as dinners and church services. Tankyio tumus long Khole mo MFAT!”

Bridget Payne – Master of Development Studies
September, 2019

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