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Erin Thomas, University of Auckland

Erin’s Research Topic: “Gender-based Violence in Niue: Challenges and Opportunities in Assessing GBV in Small Pacific Island”

“I had the honour and privilege of spending four weeks in Niue as a part of my master’s fieldwork on gender-based violence. My previous work from 2017 was some of the first research done in Niue on the topic. This project was able to expand on that initial work and get more depth on the issue. I did 41 interviews including 14 family tree mapping interviews focused on making space for women’s narratives of GBV incidents that occur in their families. I am grateful to the Department of Community Affairs, where I was based, as well as the members of the community who opened up to me. Personally, I will cherish this taoga forever and know that many others in the community and the government will appreciate their insights being shared. Oue tulou. Fakaaue lahi atu ki a mutolu oti.”

Erin Thomas, Master’s in Development Studies
November 2019

New Zealand Postgraduate Development Research Awards

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